I recently completed an online course on CSS3 Animations at Treehouse. A well delivered course by Guil Hernandez, it inspired me to create my very own personal landscape scenery project. Something that one might see when looking out of a window… or not.

I have used free open sourced images from http://www.all-free-download.com including a train designed by Miss Tiina, a graphic/web designer from Ontario Canada who produces some fantastic work. You might just see the train moving across the window, but be sure to open the window quickly as it only passes once every hour…!

Working with the images in illustrator / photoshop I was able to manipulate the layers to my requirements producing some nice overlays. A very satisfying and rewarding project, resulting in a keen interest to explore more of the benefits of CSS3.

The project is super powered by Sass and with some help from Bourbon it makes writing cross browser CSS3 Animations a breeze.

Plunker | Github